Zipper Pouch Step by Step Tutorial and Sewing Pattern.


zipper pouch sewing tutorialZipper Pouch Step by Step Tutorial and Sewing Pattern

The zipper feels like a huge mile stone for the sewing enthusiast. It is not hard once you learn the steps. This tutorial will show how to use a zipper foot as well as an overcast foot. The overcast stitch keeps the fabric from fraying with use. It’s time to try out some of those cool features that came with your machine!


What you will need





1/2 yard of cotton fabric


sewing machine



cut layout

Suggested cutting layout

Cut one of each

press in half

Press the strap in half lengthwise.

press in


Open the strap up and press the right side toward the center.

press second

Repeat with the left side.

strap ready

Pin in half along the original press line.


Top stitch close to the edge on each side.


This is what it should look like.

where to overcast

The upper and lower front pieces will be overcast stitched along the sides that will be next to the zipper.

Mark with a pin on the side you want to edge. It is to get it turned around when you take it to the machine.

overcast sew

Choose the overcast foot and the overcast stitch for your machine.

To use, line the guide on the underside of foot with the edge of the fabric. The stitch is formed by stitching on the fabric on the left and the stitch falls off the fabric on the right.

overcast done

This is what it will look like.

pin together

Place the zipper right side facing the upper front piece.

Pin in place about 1/4″ in from edge.

sew zipper

Put the zipper foot on the machine and adjust the needle to the left so the seam allowance if about 1/2″

Sew with a straight stitch.

press zippper

Press open.

sew bottom

Pin the zipper to the Lower front right sides together.

Sew using the same seam allowance.

zipper in

After pressing lower piece this is what it will look like.

strap pin in

Take the strap and fold it in half then pin in place.


Put the regular sewing foot back on the machine. Close to the edge stitch the strap in place.

before pin

Prepare to put front and back together. Be sure they are facing the same direction.

pin around

With the right sides together pin the back to the front. Be sure to partly open the zipper.

pin zipper

The open zipper will need extra pinning to hold it in place.

zip pouch sew

Sew all sides using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

streight stitch

When you reach the side with the strap you may need to hand crank the machine over the very thick part to avoid breaking a needle.


Here it is after the straight stitch.


Put the overcast foot back on and choose the overcast stitch on the machine. Use the overcast stitch on all sides.

inside out

The finished inside view.

Zipper Pouch Step by Step Tutorial and Sewing Pattern

Turn right side out and press again.

Its done!

zipper pouch pattern