Water Bottle Bag Sewing Pattern and Tutorial


Water Bottle Bag Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This tutorial and pattern are for those with some sewing experience. Setting the circle on the bottom can be challenging but is a great skill to master.  This bag will hold a water bottle with up to a 3″ diameter. water bottle bag
Sewing machine

1/4 yard Cotton or 1 fat quarter of face fabric
1/4 yard lining
1/4″ yard mesh
16″ of round cord
Cord slide
D ring or plastic round 1 1/4″ ring

Ribbon or binding for strap

Print Pattern water bottle

cut face

Cut interlining of body and bottom.

Adhere fabric face and interlining then cut the face fabric out.
Cut strips for d ring straps .

cut lining
Cut lining of body and bottom.

cut meshCut mesh.

sew at half
Sew strap right sides together down the long side

turn right out
Turn right side out and press flat

cut strap
Cut in half
Fold in half with ring in the middle.
Sew end with 1/2″ seam allowance.

strap turn
Turn the raw edges to the inside offset the seam by 1/2″ and press flat.

pin in place
Place the straps in their position on the body.

sew sqaure Sew them on with a box with an x in the center. This is for strength.

side seam
Fold the body in half right sides together and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance. This is very important , if the seam allowance is incorrect than the bottom of the bag will not fit properly.

pinpin bottom
Using the notches line up the bottom with the body. Pin from the bottom.

clip bottomSnip the body along the bottom. Make sure the snips are less than 1/2″ .

sew bottom
Sew with the bottom facing up.

Trim triangles in the seam allowance. Turn right sides out.

lining side
Fold the lining body with right sides and sew leaving open a area to turn .it should be about 4″.
Repeat the process of attaching the bottom for the liningbottom lining pinpin liningbottom lining

Sew the bottom on the body

pin in
For mesh area fold the short sides in and zigzag stitch hem in place.

pin cord
Fold mesh in half longways wrong sides together with the cord in the center.

sew cord
Zigzag stitch close to the cord.
Bast stitch the raw edges together.

pin mesh
Wrap the mesh around the body face and pin in place.stitch mesh to body
Sew at 1/4″ along the top.

pin all
Slide the lining over these 2 sections and pin in place.

stitch mesh to bodyThe right sides should be facing. Sew at 1/2″ from the inside of the tube.

turn right
Pull right side out through the space in the lining.

stitch closedSew the opening closed

stitch insideTop stitch from the inside close to the edge

cord slide
Put the cord slide on the elastic and tie a knot.

Heat the cord to seal the elastic if needed.

Put the strap on the d rings with the folded side facing in. Sew in place.

Be careful not to twist the strap.

water bottle bag


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