Vintage Lace DIY Ornament Sewing Tutorial


heart ornimentVintage Lace Diy Ornament Sewing Tutorial

I LOVE vintage lace. I know the countless hours spent hand making these little works of art from a bygone era. I have to admit I end up hording it because there are very few things that can be done with it. with this project I will be able to appreciate it’s beauty instead of it sitting in a box someplace. Regular commercial flat lace will work as well.suplies


sewing machine


marking tool




scrap of fabric ( I’m using linen)

scrap of lace

scrap of ribbon

scrap of batting (low loft)

pattern heart orniment

Lets get startedtrace

cut out just the pattern piece and use it to trace the heart onto the fabric.

You will need a scrap of fabric twice as wide as the heart  and a little taller, about 10″ x 6″ or bigger.

Fold the piece of fabric in half so you know where to trace.

This method of construction keeps the pieces from distorting as you are working with them. Sometimes when you have multiple small pieces it can be difficult to cut them out and match them back up together.  tracing and cutting after you sew will save time and aggravation.

pin lace

Pin lace into desired location. It can be anywhere you like.

sew lace

With a tiny zigzag , stitch down along the top edge of the lace. Use a thread that will match the lace, not the fabric.

sew lace 2then zigzag on the opposite side of the lace. Notice I did not fallow the angled section, I sewed along the last straight section. this is much easier and the idea is just to hold the lace in place.

cut batting

Cut a piece of batting bigger than you need.


Pin to the back of the heart shape.


Zigzag stitch over the traced line. I like using the zigzag to keep my loosely woven fabric from fraying as I work with it.


Trim away the batting close to the stitch line. Trim back the lace to the stitch line as well. the back of the fabric look a bit shiny because it is a swatch from a sample book. Gotta use up those scraps.

pin together

Fold the fabric in half again and pin.

sew in

Straight stitch inside the zigzag stitch. leave open a 2″ or 2 1/2″ inch section for turning along one of the straight parts on the left or right bottom. this is for turning.

view backThis is the view from the back after you have sewn.

cut fabricTrim away leaving at leave a 1/4″ seam alowance

clip top

Snip the corner for a clean V when it is finished.

stitch agian

I want back and reinforced the stitches here.

clip bottom

Trim the bottom for a sharper point.

turn work

Turn the heart right side out.


Tuck in the area let for turning and press.

sew closed

Whip stitch closed with matching thread.

pin ribbonPin a piece of ribbon forming the loop to hang it from.

tack ribbon

Stitch in place.

heart orniment finished

Tie a bow with the ribbon.

heart orniment It’s ready to hang up on your tree!