Ten Minute Toddler Tie Tutorial, Low Sew


Ten Minute Toddler Tie Tutorial, Low SewTen Minute Toddler Tie Tutorial, Low Sew

Ten Minute Toddler Tie Tutorial, Low Sew. This adorable toddler tie is very easy! Just a few minutes you will have an accessory to match any outfit. Please do not leave child under three unattended while wearing the tie as is has small parts.


What you need

Scrap of fabric

alligator hair clip





Stitch Witchery

Lets get started


Cut 2 regtangles

One at 5″ x 9 1/2″

One at 5″ x 2″

center sectionTake the small rectangle and press long sides to the center overlapping just slightly finished width is just a bit less than an inch.

fold in

Take the larger rectangle and fold left side in 2″


Lay a section on stitch witchery in the center and cut to length.

secon side

Press the right side over 1″. Raw edge should be in the center.

first fold

With raw side facing up fold over right side 2 1/2″.

finish size

Fold left side over 2 1/4″/

pinch center

To start pinch the center.


Second pinch the outer edges to the center.

wrap the threadHere is the time saving tip, hold the thread while pinching the center. Wrap the thread to hold all the layers together. This works so much better than trying to pin or hold everything at the same time.

thread holds it

When you get enough thread around it will stay put. you can give it a quick knot and it will stay while you sew on the band.

wrap center

Wrap the small rectangle around the bow. It will be long.

snip extra

Trim leaving about 1″ more than where it meets.


Fold the raw edge in and pin.

hand sew

Hand sew closed.

hide knote

Tie a knot and bury the thread. this is so you don’t see the tail after you trim the thread.

snip thread

Done sewing!

back of tie

Slide in the Alligator clip.

todler tie

Ready to wear!