Sun Glasses Case, Make It Yourself! Sewing Tutorial

Sun Glasses Case, Make It Yourself! Sewing Tutorial

sew this yourself glasses case


I love the large fashion sun glasses. This case works for all types of glasses. It takes very little fabric and just a few steps. This is an easy project, you couldĀ  make a pile of them in no time! Sun Glasses Case, Make It Yourself! Sewing Tutorial.

glasses in case

What you will need


Sewing Machine



hand sewing needle

marking tool



12 1/2″ X 10″ rectangle of light weight cotton fabric

12 1/2″ X 10″ rectangle of heavy weight cotton fabric or home dec. fabric

button that has a shank


elastic hair tie

what you need

Print pattern and cut it out.


Do not cut the fabric!

With a marking tool trace around the pattern piece.

You only need to do this on the wrong side of one of the fabrics.

finish trace

Transfer the marks as well.


Take the hair tie and tie a knot in it.


pin in place

Pin it on the right side of the fabric.

pin in

The pin will be on the wrong side.

tack in

Sew in on the line just enough to catch the elastic.


This is what it looks like.

back of tack

And like this from the front.

pin together

Pin right sides together.


Starting at the mark on the left, sew around the line that has been drawn.

pivot a

At the corner put the needle down and pivot.

pivot b

Continue sewing.

pivot c

When you come to the inside corner put the needle down and pivot again.

pivot d

This way you can get a sharp point.

sew togeher

This is what you will have when done.


Now it is time to cut. Trim the fabric to 1/2″ away from the seem.

trim 2

Don’t cut any of the elastic.


Snip all the way to the seem but Not past it on the inside corner

snip 2

A closer look

snip corner

Clip the outer corners.

turn right

Turn right side out.


Press flat.

press flat

It should look like this.

top stitch 1

Stitch along the straight edge close to the edge. This will close up the opening.

topstitch 2

Here is what you will have.

pin up

Pin the side up starting at the corners and matching the curves.

stitch up

Back-stitch at the beginning .Sew close to the edge.

stitch backtack

Back-stitch again where the pocket ends.

topstitch top

Continue along the top to the other side. Back-stitch again where the pocket starts and ends.

finish sew

When you are done this is what you have.

mark for buttonThe button is centered at the bottom of the case. Put a pin in to mark the spot.



Start the threaded needle from the inside and send it outward.


button on

Slid the button on and sew back to the inside.

ready to tie

Next you will take the thread and tie it together with a square knot.

button tieght

The button should be snug against the case.

done button

Trim back the threads.

side case

The case is ready to use and enjoy!

sun glasses case sewing tutorial