Sew a Fleece Headband Very Quick and Easy Never Buy One Again!

Sew a Fleece Headband Very Quick and Easy Never Buy One Again!headband

You will never buy an ear-warmer, fleece headband again after you make this. They are so quick to whip up. This pattern is adult sized .

The pattern is combined with a hat pattern it is the top rectangle shape.


1/3 a yard of polar fleece


simple fleece hat pattern




sewing machine

Print and cut out pattern piece.

headband cut

Fold fabric the direction of the stretch. The fabric stretches more from right to left in this picture. Then cut 1 on fold.

headband open

This is what you should have

headband pin

Fold the long direction and pin.

headband sew

Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Use a narrow and long zigzag for stretch.

headband open side

Leave about 3″ not sewn towards one of the ends.

headband turn

This part is not hard just difficult to depict. You want to bring the short ends together so you can sew them. You bring the left side through the tube to meat the right side.

headband pin center

Pin it together matching the seam.

headband sew inside

Sew this seam competently closed with a 1/2″ seam and the zigzag stitch.

headband inside out

This is what it should look like.

headband pull

Now it is time to turn it the headband right-side out. Pull the fabric through the opening in the long side seam .

headband side

this is what you should Have.  This is a lesson in why you should match thread when possible. I used contrast thread so you could see the stitching. now it is showing a bit here.

headband pin closed

Pin opening closed and work the seam flat. The seam should be along the edge.

headband topstitch

Use a zigzag stitch to close the opening and top-stitch the rest of the way around.

headband top stitch other

Turn to the other folded edge and zigzag top-stitch to match. This will give a finished detail and stability. I did use matching thread here so it is a bit more difficult to see.


Now it is done! Enjoy!

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