Here’s what I’ve been sewing, tip for pattern placement


Here's what I've been sewing, tip for pattern placementHere’s what I’ve been sewing, tip for pattern placement

I have a birthday for a dear friend’s little girl. Since I have no girls in my house I’m taking the opportunity to sew a cute dress.
I love picking up grab bags from Fleishman’s Fabrics and Supplies in Philadelphia .Sorry there’s no web site just Facebook. For about $10 I get more than 10 yards of fabric but the catch is you have to take the whole thing. I love how it pushes my comfort zone and work with fabrics I may not normally pick.

panel fabric

In my last haul I pick up this print which is a panel style print. They pose a particular challenge because they can only be used in the direction the print runs. It really limits the things you can make with them.
The only things I could think to make was a skirt or a dress. So a dress it is.

pattern placement
I had a pattern for a dress but it was arched along the hem of the skirt. When you lay the pattern piece down it’s easy to see this would not suit my print. My plan was to modify the shirt section of the dress. I took the bodice measurements and doubled it. That became my skirt width. After construction I realized I could have gone fuller with the skirt. It would Have been a bit more formal a look.  I proceeded as I normally would with the pattern. I hope this opens up some options for you as you are looking at your  patterns you already own.
I think the final result turn out well. I sure hope she likes it!

dress pic