Hand Warmers A Very Easy Sewing Project

hand warmers easy project

Hand Warmers A Very Easy Sewing Project.

Anyone can sew this little project . It needs only scraps of fabric and only the most basic understanding of the sewing machine. This is perfect for those just learning to sew. Hand warmers make a wonderful non-gender any age gift. So make up a batch for those last minuet thank you or stocking stuffer.


What you will need:

hand warmers Pattern




marking tool

sewing machine

hand warmer cut 1

Print out pattern piece and cut on the solid line. The dotted line represents the sewing you will be doing.

You are working with the cotton fabric that has been folded in half. It usually comes from the store folded. Line your pattern piece up with the factory edge but in about an inch. You don’t want to use that part. Many time there will be a color difference and writing on it. Then pin the pattern piece so that it is perpendicular with the edge (The pattern piece and the fabric are facing the same way).

Cut it out as straight as you can. the better you cut the line the easier it will be to sew.

hand warmers cut 2

Repeat the process a second time.

hand warmer all cut

You should have 4.

hand warmers pin together

Pin with right sides of fabric facing each other.

hand warmers mark

there is a dot on the pattern that indicated where you should start and stop sewing. Transfer to the fabric.I like to poke a pin down to mark the spot.

hand warmers mark corner

Lift the pattern only and mark where the pin is. You only need this on one side of the pinned together sections.

hand warmers backstitch

Start sewing at the dot and  then sew backward a few stitches.

The seam allowance is 1/2″, that means that the needle should sew 1/2″ from the edge of the fabric.

hand warmers nedle down

sew to 1/2″ from the corner and put the needle down.hand warmer pivit

Lift the presser foot and pivot the fabric to sew down the next side. Repeat till you get back around to the second dot. sew backward a few stitches.hand warmers trim

Trim the corners being sure not to snip the seam.

hand warmers corner tip

Turn your work right side out.

I hold the corner between my index finger and my thumb and then turn.

hand warmers corner turn

This is what it looked like after I turned.

hand warmers corner

If the corners are not pointed you can stick in a pin and pull out

hand warmers corner2

hand warmers press

Press flat.


hand warmers fill

Fill with rice. it should take about 3/4 cup to fill both.

Pin them closed

hand warmers sew

Sew closed to the edge starting at the very corner.

hand warmers done

Now they are done! to use, Heat in the microwave for 1 minuet. they will be HOT!

hand warmers beginners