Easy Fleece Hat Tutorial and Pattern with Tips for Polar Fleece

easy fleece hat tutorial

Easy Fleece Hat Tutorial and Pattern with Tips for Polar Fleece.

This project is quick! It is a snap to sew. With just a few tips you will be sewing fleece with ease. The Pattern is adult size.



1/2 a yard of polar fleece


simple fleece hat pattern





sewing machine

fleece hat cut

Print the pattern and cut it out.

Cut 2 of the pattern piece from polar fleece. Be sure that you line the pattern up in the same direction as the stretch of the fabric.

fleece hat notch cut

Cut out the notch

fleece hat pin

Pin along the sides of the hat.


Tips For Polar Fleece:

  • Start sewing 1/2″ in from the edge then back stitch instead of at the very edge of the fabric. It has a tenancy to get sucked down into the machine if you start too close to the edge.
  • Sew with a long but narrow zigzag stitch . It looks like a straight but will not break thread when stretched.
  • The machine will pull the fabric through slower than it will for other fabrics so make the stitch longer than you normally would sew with.
  • Polar Fleece will not unravel so there is no need to finish the edges. It will wash and hold up just fine without serging or zigzag stitching the raw edge.
  • Do not stretch the fabric as you sew. It will leave your seam wavy.


fleece hat sew

Sew the side with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

fleece hat stop sew

When you get to the notch, back-stitch then skip to the other side of the notch.

fleece hat start sew

Continue sewing for the other side of the hat.

flecce hat sewn

This is what it looks like when you finish this step.

fleece hat pin notch

Fold the seams toward each other and pin along the notch at the top.

fleece hat ew notch

Start sewing the notch about 1/2″ before the notch cut. Start near the edge but not off it. Sew across the top of the hat.

fleece hat pin hem

Fold up 1 1/2″ up and pin in place.

fleece hat hem sew

Use a wide zigzag stitch close to the cut edge. This will give room for the seam to stretch as much as it needs to.

fleece hat inside out

This is what the seam will look like.

fleece hat

The finished hat