DIY Tree Skirt Tutorial and Free Sewing Pattern


diy tree skirtDIY Tree Skirt Tutorial and Free Sewing Pattern

diy tree skirt2

Reusing and recycling are very important to me. I had one white men sweater that was out of shape, I picked up 2 more at the thrift store. My total for this project was $7.00. Aside from the low cost I really liked the cozy look for our home. You could use just about whatever fabric you want, wool would be nice and even denim could be fun.

sweaters for tree skirt

sweater tree skirt


sewing machine



marking tool (Dispersing purple ink)


3 men’s extra large sweaters or any sweater the measures more than 25″ across the bottom hem


pattern tree skirt

Lets get started:

pattern piece tree skirt

Print then put together and cut out pattern.

Need help?

trace tree skirtWith the bottom of the pattern lined up with the bottom of the sweater, trace along the 2 sides and top with a dispersing marker. if your sweaters are dark you may have to use chalk. you will then need to be more careful with the seam allowances.shape tree skirtDo this for both the front and back of sweater

zigzag tree skirtBEFORE you cut zigzag next to the purple line you put in. This is the seam allowance. stay tree skirt

Repeat for other side as well. This is what it looks like done.edge cut tree skirt

NOW cut outside the zigzag. This keeps the sweater from unraveling.

cut tree skirt

This is what it looks like after cutting.

prep tree skirt

Repeat the process for the other 2 sweaters. You will have a total of 6 pieces.

pin side tree skirt

With right sides together pin down the long side.

sew tree skirt

With a long (about a 5) straight stitch sew together making sure the zigzag stitch will not show.piece tree skirtpress tree skirt

Press seam flat.

top stitch tree skirt

I top stitched my seam but be warned I broke 2 needles trying to do it. you could probably skip this step.

Stitch all the pieces together.corner flat tree skirt

On the right side fold the ling side up to the top.fold corner tree skirtpin corner tree skirt

pin in placesew corner tree skirt

Then  sew across about 3/4 inch down.corner tree skirt

Turn the sewn corner right side out and see how it helps the side hems to lay flat.

pin hem tree skirt

Turn the hem back to the wrong side of the fabric with about 3/4″ seam allowance. Pin in place.

hem tree skirt

With a straight stitch as long as it will go sew the hem in place( like basting). Hand crank over the bulky seams so you dont break your needle like I did.

diy tree skirt2

I pressed flat again and now its ready to use!

diy tree skirt