Key ring Chapstick holder, zip drive or thumb drive keeper, change purse Sewing Tutorial

key ring zipper closedKey ring Chapstick holder, zip drive, change purse sewing Tutorial
This key ring is such a great little gift to give, both useful and adorable. It holds change or chapstick, lip gloss and lipstick. If made in a masculine fabric it can be keeper for a Thumb drive or chapstick holder for a guy too!
This project is for someone with a little sewing experience.

Marking tool
Sewing machine

supliesMaterial :
Scrap of cotton
Plastic coil zipper at least 4″ long
Scrap of ribbon
Key ring

Cut 2 rectangles 2″x 5″

key ring cut pieces
Cut 2 piece of ribbon 2″ long

key ring zigzag done
Zigzag around edges to prevent fraying. key ring zig rightkey ring zag left

When using a zigzag to finish an edge, the left side of the stitch will go on the fabric and the right side of the stick will be off the fabric.

key ring pin zipper left
Pin zipper face down to the right side of fabric . Match the end of the zipper that has the metal stop with the edge of the fabric. This will leave the extra tail of zipper with the pull off the fabric.

key ring sew zipper left
Sew at 1/4″ seam allowance. Do not sew to close to the zipper or it will not function properly

key ring pin zip right side

Pin with right sides together.
key ring zip rightSew with 1/4″ seam allowance.key ring press
Press open

key ring topstitch zip
Top stitch the zipper on each side.

key ring top stitch

key ring ribbon top

Fold ribbon in half and place raw edge even with the edge of the fabric. Pin on place.

key ring pin bottom ribbon
On the side with the pull, bring the pull down about half way. At the top zigzag over the zipper to create a stop. key ring sew zip right

key ring sew zip left

key ring sew zip topThe zigzag should be wide and short.

key ring pin ribbon
Place the other ribbon over this new “stop”.

key ring sew ribbon
Zigzag over the ribbon in the same way as creating the stop. Do this for both sides.

key ring cut zipper
Snip back the extra zipper.

key ring pin back
Fold the right sides together and pin. Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Make sure zipper is at least slightly open at this next step so you can turn your work.key ring back seamkey ring foldkey ring folding edge

Match the center of the zipper with the seam then bring the outer fold to meet then seam and zipper. Pin in place.Repeat this process on each side of the zipper.key ring sew end closed
With a straight stitch sew across the top and bottom. Be sure to back stitch for strength. I sewed back and forth across the short side about 3 times. This step gives a boxed effect and a more professional looking finish. you can sew this flat as well but it will change the look a bit.

key ring half open zipperkey ring open zipper
Then you are finished!key ring zipper closed